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Sunday, May 31, 2009


Saturday morning we woke up and decided to head to the zoo, since it was our only free weekend until August. We had a good time, the weather was great! Paxton enjoyed it, but was usually more interested in running around (off the paths) and climbing in the trees.

In this picture I put the focus on the elephant, not sure I like it!

In this one, the focus was on Paxton...I like it much better!

Paxton enjoying his "coo-coo-ice-ceam"

He really, really, liked feeding the giraffe. He feed the giraffe, my food, and Enrique's food, and when it was gone he kept asking the trainer for more...that was when it was time to leave! Plus, when you do something like that you always get that one annoying person that doesn't listen to the rules (pets the giraffe, when you're told NOT to) talks way too much, and gets in front of everyone...ugg!
No pictures of me...I sit back and take them ;)


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