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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Everytime I drive from Wenatchee to Quincy I tell myself to pull over and take a picture of this...

I finally did...and I'm so glad! I can't wait until I have enough #21's to make a 21 book!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Recap::Father's Day 2010

We had a great, busy, weekend!  It's so nice to be on break from school and work.  Not that I mind work, I actually don't.  I even kind of like it!  I would like it even better if I were getting paid, but otherwise it's not bad.  I get along with sick people and I like that they like me.  Last week I had a patient tell me I was her new best friend (probably because I was the only one who took the time to actually try and talk with her, in Spanish at that) I also had an older lady with dimentia hug on me and call me mommy.  But not all my patients like me, but it's not actually me that they don't like it's my job.  A lady told me last week that by the time I was finished taking 2 x-rays of her that she was going to be dead because I was going to kill her with radiation...she was 91 though that's almost typical for patients of that age.  I also had a patient puke and pee all during a pelvis x-ray, that was exciting :)  At least it was only pee, she initially thought she went #2.  That might not have been so exciting ;)  Then I found the "quiet room."  For all you Grey's Anatomy watchers.  Remember two seasons ago when they would all hang out in the "guy's" room, the one who was in a coma?  We have a patient like that, he's quite and doesn't really talk so people hang out in there.  I went to tak his x-ray last week only to find people on their breaks hanging out in his room.  I couldn't help but laugh...all I could think about was the Grey's episode when "guy" actually woke up.  AWESOME!

Saturday we went over to Abe and Kelly's for a get together to celebrate Kelly graduating from CWU. Go Kelly!  The weather wasn't that great, but Paxton still attempted to get in the pool.  The girls were brave enough, but Paxton didn't make it past the ladder.  He looked super cute sitting there though!  I can only imagine all the fun he's going to have this summer at his cuzzies house!  He's already asking to go back so he can go swimming.  He's also asking to ride his bike, play in the dirt, ride his scooter, and search for bugs.  See, I told you he's going to have way too much fun there. 

Then Sunday we headed over to my parents and Enrique's parents to celebrate Fathers day. The first thing Paxton asked when he woke up on Sunday was, "now can we go to Gramma and Papa's house?" He sure loves them. Paxton was able to play outside all day and loved it...I loved it! It makes me so happy when he's able to run around and be happy. He went all day Sunday without a nap and around 5:00 it became apparent. He did fall asleep finally on our way back home, but not for long. He was then awake until nearly 10 pm. I don't know how he does it, shoot...I don't know how we do it most of the time. That child's CRAZY! But, I love every bit of it. Enrique actually told him today that he was a crazy-wild-man, and Paxton replied, "no I'm just a fast runner." Double-Awesome!

Paxton was at Gramma's playing in the flowers, while I was fighting off the bees ;)

To celebrate Fathers we took my dad (and mom) down to Crescent Bar for dinner and some Putt-Putt. I'm going to say the official score is now 1-1. We started a match down in Cancun, where both my parents smoked Enrique and I, but I think this time Enrique and I came out ahead. During golf, Paxton would get mad when it wasn't his turn, and at one point he sat on the fence and cried for a good 10 minutes. I'm not exactly sure why he was crying, but since he was sitting nicely on the fence doing so...I let him. This is when it really showed that he needed a nap. Poor boy.

Mom and Dad....rematch? ;)

After we were finished golfing we took Paxton down to the beach. He had been looking forward to that all day. He was exhausted and so were we, but we knew that if we didn't just take him down there for a little bit that we'd never hear the end of it. Especially since he doesn't seem to forget much! He had a great time though. The water was FREEZING, but that didn't stop Pax. I could hardly stand to let my feet get wet, but had we let him he would have been swimming. Crazy Dude.

Thank you mom and dad for a great day. and Happy Fathers day Dad.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun at the Museum

How awesome is the children's museum?  Paxton We all had a great time there.  It was great to see Paxton in his element.  Everything was just the right size and he was able to run around and explore without getting in trouble.  How often does that happen?  Not often ;)

I think next time we head up to Seattle we'll take him to a different, bigger, museum. 

Today (Thursday) is my Friday...Woot-Woot!  I think the best part though is that I'm off all of next week...Hooray!  I think I'll have a few photo sessions, but other than that we don't really have any plans.  I'm hoping to spend ALL my time with Paxton.  He and I need some good quality time!  I feel like his life has changed so much in the last few months and I've been so busy I haven't been there to see it all.  He loves being at Miss Cindy's playing outside with the boys, but I know he also wishes he could just stay home too.

Stay tuned, I'm sure I'll have many more posts in the coming days!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Can you believe my little man is old enough to be in soccer?  He is...Fire Tots actually.  He goes every Thursday for an hour and works on different drills.  His favorite part is crawling through the tunnels.  He even goes out of his way just to do so!  Usually it's just Daddy and Pax for soccer, but last week I was able to get off work a little early to go watch.  His gramma and papa came too.  Let's just say that Pax does better when it's just him and daddy!  I'm glad that I got to see him though.  It was way too stinkin' cute!

My favorite part was dance time.  The "coaches" start and stop the music at different times.  When the music is on the kids are all supposed to dance and as soon as the music stops they are supposed to freeze.  I don't think there is anything cuter than watching a bunch of 3&4 year old]s dance.  The only thing...while all the other kids are up dancing, you'll find Paxton on the ground breaking...AWESOME!  He is always different and I love that!  I can't wait until we can actually get him into classes.  The following picture is worth 1000 words and might be one of my favorite story telling pictures. EVER.