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Thursday, February 26, 2009

skip 48 (i was sick)... 49/365

So in one of my photo groups there is a challenge called the good-twin/evil-twin...this is what I came up with. The girls were great sports...I think they actually had fun with it...

The original- see, I think Addesen enjoyed being evil...

Edited using a texture...kind of crazy, I know.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Paxton isn't feeling very good, so he's been extra cuddlie, he was almost asleep...

Dripping water from the sink...pretty cool!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Miss Aubrey came over to play tonight....

skip 4.4..onto 45/365

First off...I know this isn't the best picture.

This picture is of the plate that Paxton eat's off of at his mum and papa's house. This is also the same plate that my dad used as a boy, and if I know the story correctly it even goes farther back than my dad...pretty cool!


Paxton talking on the phone with papa and mum...he was sure telling them a lot of stories!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


On Tuesday when the girls came over after school, Isabelle left her jacket behind. Paxton found it today picked it up and said, "Bel-Bel's and Assen." He then started crying because he wanted them....then this evening he found a sock that one of them left behind. He picked it up and said, "momma, Bel-Bels" he loves his cuzzies.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Play time before bed time!
and yes...once again he is wearing his Handy Manny PJ's....A huge thank you to Aunt Kelly, Uncle Willy Katelynn and Kiefer :) Pax loves them!

I promise you he does have others he just loves his hannie man...

***********G-PAW, just curious if you're checking out my blog?************

BTW, I have to say I love this whole photo-a-day-thing. It has really forced me to get the camera out!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Bath-Time...again! This would be "chower" number 3. I tried to take the pictures without using my flash so I had to set my ISO (camera setting) at 400 which caused the pictures to look grainy so I converted them to black and white...I loved them though!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 39/365

Teaching Paxton about some of the things Uncle Dru loved...

Famous Amos


Sunday, Day 38.

Paxton loved playing out in the snow...the flakes were huge! He was pretending to throw a ball at me...weirdo!

Miss Aubrey...such a beautiful little girl!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 37


Paxton watching Handy Manny with mum...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 36

Sweet, sweet, Paxton...





PANSA (stomach)...






Thursday, February 12, 2009


It's Thursday...you know what that means- I had the girls today! We took a few pictures as usual! I'm thinking that pretty soon they aren't going to want to come over...they are starting to avoid my camera :)

We were messing around and I got some silhouettes of the girls...Which one's which...I know, do you? LOL...the girls knew right away only because one wore their hair up and the other wore it down.

It was funny...the girls told me they like coming over after school and I told them I like it too, because I love them...then Isabelle asks, "auntie, do you love us as much as Paxton?" I told her almost, I think I love Paxton just a little bit more though, she then asks, "how come?" The girls have such personalities now, especially since they've started school. I love it!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Paxton has started to love the shower...he would take five baths/showers a day if I let him. He usually wants one right when he wakes up, then if he can and if I let him he showers with me, and as you can see he gets in himself, and yes he knows how to turn on the water. Lets just say now we have child-proof door knobs on! He wont be climbing in the shower anymore!
I think he's going for the lone-marshmallow!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Paxton was at it again...I went to put the laundry from washer into the dryer and I found a diaper...along with all it's absorbent crystals.

The girls weren't excited to have their picture taken...

Then when I asked if they wanted to take a picture for their 100th day of school...they got excited!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A little catch up...

let's say we're at 32/365...

Paxton riding his tri-cycle at Mum's and Papa's!

This is what you get when you ask Paxton to smile...he say's, CHEEZE!
Paxton zoned out to Hannie Man! (Handy Mannie)

off track!

I really have fallen behind...I know! I'm going to try and catch up. The hardest part isn't taking the pictures, it's getting them loaded onto the computer and uploaded to this site! I'm not giving up though.

Check back soon!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Day 27/365

Tonight was an interesting night with Paxton. For some reason after dinner he was bouncing-off-the-walls! He ran around like a crazy man for two hours straight...most of the time he's just being a crazy man, but other times he's absolutely wild. I was in the living room trying to fold the laundry, Paxton kept taking different pieces and taking off with them...he was putting my clean, folded laundry into the running-washing maching. After I put a stop to that, I go back to folding laundry and realize that it's been quiet for a little too long...What could Paxton be up to now? He was sitting on top of the washing machine (he pushed a laundry basket over and used it to climb up) luckily he was only turning the fan on-and-off. After I get him down I start putting all the laundry away in the bedrooms...once again it's quiet-what's Pax up to now?

Let me introduce to you Paxton's newest-best-friend!.....Mr. Giraffe

This is why Mr. Giraffe has become his newest friend...

...he allows Paxton to get into things he shouldn't!

Day 26/365

Another trip to the park...it wasn't as warm as Monday though!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Catching up...(skip 22), 23, 24, 25

Monday- 25/365

It was warm enough today to visit the park (for a short time). Paxton could have stayed out all day though!
Sunday 24/365

Paxton and his friend, Mikah.

Everytime I look at this picture I can't help but laugh...all I can think about is the words from a song..."Ain't no thing but a chicken wing."

Daddy and Paxton at Ferguson Flying...Paxton learned air-pwayne!

Paxton helping Papa with his horses.

Saturday 23/365

I took some pictures of Eric's little girl, Aubrey. I didn't get many smiles, she was so serious! Other than the shadows, I think they turned out pretty good. She is such a cutie!