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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lets Play Catch-Up :)

NOTE: my new editor doesn't have spell check so if you find any, sorry.

1. Hip-Hip-Hooray! I took my very last final yesterday, I am officially done with in-class-school-days! Yippee! It feels a little strange though, I came home yesterday and was actually felt a little "off." When I was in school it seemed like no matter what I was doing, I had a guilty concious. I always felt like I should be studying...or my mind would wonder to what I needed to get done for school! Last night I was able to play with Paxton and give him my all! That is awesome!

2. Paxton almost had it out with the reciept-checker-guy at Costco yesterday! Sheesh, it was a close one! Paxton knows the Costco routine. We go in, get our shopping done, usually look at a book or two, check out, get Pizza (which Pax insists is to be eaten at the table) then Paxton takes the receipt to the person checking them at the door. Paxton is very proud that he can do this all by himself, and he always gets a smiley face...which he loves! Yesterday was a different story... Paxton RAN to the guy at the door, gave him the receipt, got it back and said..."WHAT'S this? Where is my smiley face? I very quickly said, "oh, look Pax it's such a neat line." Paxton then says, "oh, yeah. It's my favorite line, I love it." Lol...his favorite line, and he loves it! I was scared he wasn't going to let that man have the end of it. The look on Paxtons face when he didn't get a smiley face was priceless! The man loved that Paxton liked his line. However, I think when a child comes running to you with the receipt you should draw the child a smiley face! Isn't that a Costco rule-of-thumb? I guess that man didn't get the memo.

3. The other night we went to the Lady Bug Festival. You might wonder where that was...it was in our living room. We had to have apples, bannanas, and a map. We didn't see any lady bugs, but Pax didn't care! Sometimes I am amazed by his imagination. He also asked me how to say festival in Chinease. When I told him I didn't know he said, "you know mom, like Kai Lan says."

4. Today is my first official day of Spring break. I get the rest of the week off and all of next week. Then come Monday the 5th I enter the real world. 40 Hour work weeks, except I don't get paid. Hopefully I'll be able to adjust to this new life.

5. I'm very excited about our future. It seems so much closer now that I'm done with school. Soon...

6. I LOVE my iPhone. I actually don't think I could go back to life with out it. It's my lifesaver! I think the thing I like most about it though, is the camera. It actually has a really great camera. I'm able to go place without having to worry about lugging around my big-ole camera. I also have a really fun app that lets me do some fun edits with the pictures!

7. I've started a project. It seems like lately the #21 pops up a lot, I like it! It makes me happy. So if I get the chance I take a picture. I'm hoping that over the course of the next few months I'll get enough pictures of the #21 that I'll be able to make a book. Here are a few!

21 Reflections

8. I can't wait to spend time with AMY! Very, very, excited!

9. Monday is my 26th birthday. I feel old...26 seems old, or old-er at least!

10. Last Saturday we were sitting around bored and decided to take Paxton to Smallwoods. When we were getting ready to leave I got a text from Abe and Kelly asking if we wanted to come over for dinner, so instead they came with us to Smallwoods and then we all went to dinner in Leavenworth. Smallwoods was closed when we got there, but they leave the gates open to the animals if you come after hours. You still have to pay, but no big deal. The only downfall of going after hours is that you don't get to buy the food to feed the animals. That's Paxton's favorite part. You can still buy grain though...Smallwoods is a great place! I was amazed by how busy Leavenworth was. There were so many people.

This one I like to call "The Stand-Off"

This look here is all momma...the crazy face that I get from my mom, that she got from her mom :)


The Gimlins said...

Rest assured, 26 is not old. :) Enjoy your time off!

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