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Thursday, August 26, 2010

hello again

My name is Andrea Elizabeth Lopez and a little over two years ago I started this blog.  I was going strong, really strong.  I posted almost everyday for the first 1/2 a year, then I started posting about once or twice, maybe even three times a week, then it went to hopefully once a week.  And well now...I haven't posted in over two months.  SORRY!  What I'm wondering is why none of you came looking for me...sheesh! :)

Lets make this a 10 post...

1.  I'm finally on a break from school/clinicals, and I'd like to say I deserve it!  I worked my BUTT off at my first rotation, but LOVED every minute of it.  Come September 20th I'll be shooting x-rays at Wenatchee Community Health and I'm definitely looking forward to it.  Then hopefully in March the job market will open up and there will be a position for me somewhere.  Keep your fingers crossed...otherwise, we'll probably be off to Seattle.

2.  I've been home this last week with Paxton and it's been A-MAY-ZING!  We've been having such a great time.  He is one special boy! 

3.  I'm also on the search for a new daycare for Paxton.  Our wonderful sitter (Miss Cindy) and her family moved last week.  We're really sad about it too.  I don't quite think Paxton really understands yet.  I've been explaining to him that he's not going to see her or the boys anymore and he says, "I know mom, we're going to find a new babysitter...right" but then he'll mention going there or playing with the boys and it breaks my heart.  He's grown up with them.  He calls them his brothers and truly they kind of are.  She and the boys are what he knows...where he was comfortable!  Having him in such good hands has made my life so much easier over the last two and a half years. Just knowing he was in such good hands every.single.day is what allowed me to go to school.

4.  On Paxton's last day there he came home with a book that Cindy had made.  Looking through it made me cry.  It didn't help that Paxton was looking saying, "look mom, it's me with my two brothers." 

5.  I've been busy with the photography business and I LOVE it.  Check it out HERE.

6.  I love that every time I call Paxton BOB he calls me ANNIE.  Where that all came from who knows, but it seriously melts my heart!

7. Today I realized just how grown up Paxton is.  My baby is GONE.  He's big and monstrous and seriously cute, but no longer a baby. (tears)

8. Papa bought a little saddle so that Paxton could ride the horses and I'm really sad because I can't find the pictures anywhere.  I've looked and looked and it's almost like they disappeared.  Almost like it didn't happen, which is what Enrique would have liked.  He was so mad at me when I took Paxton.  He wanted to be there too when Paxton rode for the first time.  I guess now we'll have to do it all over again and this time I WONT loose the pictures.

9.  We took Paxton the the fair in Moses Lake last week.  We all had a lot of fun.  It was really hot and there were a lot of people and the food wasn't as good as I remember, but still it was a lot of fun.  Paxton keeps asking if we can go back to the carn-a-bull.  I don't know what it is with him and the "bull" but it sounds so cute.  Pictures below.

10. Didn't he make the cutes little Dragon you ever saw?  He loved it.  When ever anyone would ask what he was he'd tell them a dragon and then rawwrr at them.  I think the one of him looking at himself in the mirror after she was done is one of my new favorite pictures.  He is so stinkin' cute!

11.  NOTE:  In the picture of him looking at himself in the mirror you can see a cut below his bottom lip.  He fell and hit his mouth on the couch and completely bit through his lip.  It was fairly nasty and even required a trip to the ER.  I figured he was going to need stitches.  They ended up not doing stitches though since it was an open cut on the inside of his mouth, they just washed him up and sent us home.  Paxton loved every bit of the trip to the ER though.  What can I say, he loves attention. :) 


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