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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hello again...

September has come...and gone and so has October. I'm still here, just MIA :)Things are going good. And...since it's Tuesday lets make this a ToT post.

1. Since it's been over a month since I posted I'll fill you in on what's going on in our lives...

2. I'm back to clinicals at the clinic and so far so good. It's definitely different, but I'm still learning a lot!

3. Paxton's at a new day care that we love. It took a couple weeks for the transition, but now he goes without crying and always seems to have a good time. It's another in home daycare, but there are more kids which Paxton loves. He has two sometimes three other boys to play with everyday and even a few girls. His favorite is the little baby that comes. He gets so excited when it's baby day :)

4. I think he needs a sibling, but I need a job first ;)

5. Can you believe it's already November? Yay, I'm already so excited for Thanksgiving!

6. Paxton is in dance class once a week and at first it was going great, but now he's started to cry and whine so we'll see if it lasts. Thursday is his last chance...

7. I've been pretty busy taking pictures of some pretty great people, now we just need to get our picture done so we can send out Christmas cards this year. Last year I sort of forgot, but this year I've already designed ours and I'm REALLY excited about it so hopefully we can get a great picture to go with a pretty awesome card!

8. You can look at all those great looking people HERE!

9.  On Saturday Paxton asked if we could go to the forest so I could take his picture...he sure knows how to get his momma to do what he wants.  As soon as we got there though, he would NOT look at me so I just had to settle with the side profile.  I still love it though.

10.  I figured out how to post pictures on my blog from work so maybe now I'll grace you with a few more posts than once a month ;)  I'm not making any promises though.

And...what's a post without some pictures.  Pax had a great Halloween and sure LOVES his gramma and papa.



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