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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ten on Tuesday...Yup Tuesday!

1. I'm finished with Fall quarter...YAY! It was actually a good quarter, it went SO fast, which was good...now on to Winter quarter.

2. I've been a BAD-Bad-blogger lately. SORRY! I'll be better, I promise!

3. My computer got a really N.A.S.T.Y virus last week. It was so bad that I couldn't even work on my computer with the Internet off; it completely took over all my files. I took it in to the computer place Friday and still haven't heard from them-maybe I should call tomorrow.

4. This past weekend we celebrated my mom's 50th birthday. I cannot believe that my mom is 50, the number seems so old, but she doesn't...nor does she look it :) Be proud mom, you are one good-lookin "old-woman."

5. I'm lost without my own computer. I don't have any of my stuff. I have a huge list of pages under my favorites tab that I look at almost everyday, now I'm missing out! I WANT MY COMPUTER!

6. It is freezing outside. COLD! It's funny, when Paxton and I go outside now he covers his face with both his hands and says, "it's SO cold mom." Yet, he still kicks and screams when I make him wear his jacket. What is it with kids and jackets? I remember being the same way, I hated wearing one!

7. I'm finally free of tooth pain....THANK YOU! It puts a huge damper on things, tooth pain is like no other!

8. I really want to try Rosetta Stone, but wonder if it really works like they say. Have any of you tried it, or know of anyone? If so let me know. If it does work as well as people say it would definitely be worth every penny.

9. We're getting ready to head to Cancun, and I am so ready! I'm a little terrified for the flight since we're going non-stop from Seattle. I will be packing one bad full of stuff to keep Paxton entertained....hopefully it works.

10. If you hear on the news of another plane making an emergency landing because of loud-out-of-control-2-year-old that will be us :)

I'll be back soon with some AMAZING pictures!

11. an extra :) I think in the coming year I will be getting my small business license and really be taking my photography further...I'm excited for it! stay-tuned!


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