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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy Weekend!

Is it seriously already Tuesday?  That means only two more days until Paxton's birthday.  Whoop-whoop.  He is so excited about it.  He knows that we're having a birthday party for him on Saturday and he can hardly wait.  He had to take over an extra invitation tonight to Isabelle and Addesen, just in case!  Although I doubt that they'd forget :)

We were very busy this last weekend.  Enrique played softball all weekend in the 3-Cities.  He had his first game at 8 am on Saturday morning.  Do you know what time I had to get up to be there on time??? Too dang early:  4:45.  I don't think I'll be doing that again... His team didn't do so great, but had to play 5 games on Saturday.  Since we were in the 3-Cities we stayed with our bestest friends Amandalyn and Joey or as Pax refers to them, "Aunt Joey"  yup both of them, or on the rare occasion that he does call Amandalyn something, it's just usually Amanda. He always drops the lyn.

Saturday evening after all the games were over we took Paxton to Chuck E Cheeses.  He had a blast...although I don't think he was the only one.  Amandalyn, Joey, and Enrique had their fare share of fun too!  We told Paxton earlier in the day that when daddy's games were all over we would go, he was so excited!  He had a great time.  I definitely think we'll be going back.

Clinicals are still going great!  Last week was mostly uneventful, which for the Wenatchee Valley is a good thing, but for a student needing wanting to learn it's not.  I'm learning something new everyday and I'm enjoying all of it!  Hopefully something exciting will happen this week that I'll be able to share about!

Until then...


or for Amandalyn:  Peace-Love-and a wristlett with a chicken wing :)


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