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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Day 27/365

Tonight was an interesting night with Paxton. For some reason after dinner he was bouncing-off-the-walls! He ran around like a crazy man for two hours straight...most of the time he's just being a crazy man, but other times he's absolutely wild. I was in the living room trying to fold the laundry, Paxton kept taking different pieces and taking off with them...he was putting my clean, folded laundry into the running-washing maching. After I put a stop to that, I go back to folding laundry and realize that it's been quiet for a little too long...What could Paxton be up to now? He was sitting on top of the washing machine (he pushed a laundry basket over and used it to climb up) luckily he was only turning the fan on-and-off. After I get him down I start putting all the laundry away in the bedrooms...once again it's quiet-what's Pax up to now?

Let me introduce to you Paxton's newest-best-friend!.....Mr. Giraffe

This is why Mr. Giraffe has become his newest friend...

...he allows Paxton to get into things he shouldn't!


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