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Thursday, February 12, 2009


It's Thursday...you know what that means- I had the girls today! We took a few pictures as usual! I'm thinking that pretty soon they aren't going to want to come over...they are starting to avoid my camera :)

We were messing around and I got some silhouettes of the girls...Which one's which...I know, do you? LOL...the girls knew right away only because one wore their hair up and the other wore it down.

It was funny...the girls told me they like coming over after school and I told them I like it too, because I love them...then Isabelle asks, "auntie, do you love us as much as Paxton?" I told her almost, I think I love Paxton just a little bit more though, she then asks, "how come?" The girls have such personalities now, especially since they've started school. I love it!


kellylopez said...

ha! That's hilarious.. They're beautiful little girls. Tell everyone hi for me..

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