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Thursday, March 12, 2009

62/365-late again

I didn't really get any new pictures today (or yesterday i guess)-so I've worked on an old one. I've changed it over to black and white....(to see the old one scroll down a few posts.) I've learned to start working in layers-this is what i've done. I turned down the saturation 100%, added a black layer, added a white layer, then added a super dark greenish-black layer: I change the opacity on all the layers until I think it looks just right. So here you have it...what do you think?

We have already been to the park today so I'll get a picture up later.

PEACE-LOVE-AND CHICKEN GREASE. -thanks Kelly (Willy's Kelly) that will stick with me FOREVER!


Willy & Kelly said...

lol. That's right Mama you know what's good!

I've always loved Black and White and even Sepia. How's his lip doing. YikEs! I hope he's doing better and speaking clearly. Kisses!

Mrs.Lopez said...

lol....his lip is doing great. The swelling is gone and the bruse is almost gone too...he still loves the vacuume :)

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