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Monday, April 13, 2009

87 & 88/365

We had a great Easter with family! By the third Easter-egg hunt Paxton finally figured it out and loved it! =)

Paxton used the same Easter basket as last year...we plan to use it next year too. We wonder how long we'll be able to keep it before it gets lost or ruined.
They had pretty glitter in their hair.

This is the best I could get of the three of them together...I never get them to cooperate at the same time. It's always one, or two, but never all three.

Addesen dropped her Easter basket...she was picking them up and I told her to smile!

I didn't have the right settings when I took this picture so the color is a little off! Bummer!
I still love it though. Paxton loves his Papa and Grandma.

Finding his Easter basket.

Hunting for eggs at Grandma and Papa's.

Posing for momma!


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