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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today is Paxton's 2nd birthday, and although he is so much fun at this age, I'm sad to see my baby become such a little boy. This birthday is almost bitter-sweet. These first two years have gone way too fast, I can only imagine how fast the years to come will fly by too.

All of you that really know Paxton know that he is a very active little boy. He has so much energy, but at the same time he is so sweet. He is talking so much, actually putting together sentences. He latest new thing is to say please for everything...thank you-please, no-please, stop-please, now-please, and yes-please. He also tells us he loves us, that really melts our heart.

He's also started to pick out his own clothes, which will take some time for me to get used to since I ALWAYS have to have him match. Like this morning, instead of wearing the grey sweats I picked out he got some of his pajama pants that have monkey's all over them and said, "this me pants, please." Whenever he wants something he'll say, "this me, please." I'm not sure where he picked that up, but it is so cute!

At the age of two his favor ties things are:


-papa and grandma

-his friends, Dayton, Toni, Bentley, Andrew, Mason (although he has his own names for all of them)

-his cuzzies, Addesen and Isabelle

-ice cream

-Dora snacks, and anything Dora

-Cheetos puffs

-Handy Manny

-The Backyardigans

-squirt guns and Nerf guns


-scrambled eggs


-the park

-and of course Me =)

He goes to the doctor next week for his two year check up. I'm sure he'll still be considered small for his age since he is so skinny. We weighed him a couple of weeks ago and he weighed 25 pounds, so I'm interested to see if this is accurate. He is growing tall though, and I think he'll actually be a little on the taller side for his age.

Happy Happy Birthday our sweet-sweet Paxton.


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