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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ten on Tuesday...(something new)

1. I've been so bad at blogging the past two weeks, no reason really...just a little busy!

2. Ten on Tuesday is where I find 10 random things to talk about, nothing particular really just whatever I want to talk about :)

3. Paxton is blowing my mind everyday. He is starting to remind me of a 4 year-old more than a two year old...I'm telling you, he knows things that most 2 year olds don't know. I've been told before that I have an old soul, and I'm starting to understand what that meant because sometimes I feel like Paxton, too, has an old soul. ;)

4. Paxton rode a horse for the very first time this past weekend. He's gone to see the horses before with Papa, but has never actually gotten on. I think that the first time we went to see the horses he wouldn't even touch one, and now he's comfortable enough to ride one. It was short-lived however...he wanted off almost as quick as he wanted on. I'm still proud though, he's making steps!

5. Starting tomorrow I'll be watching a 1 year old for almost a week. Her parents are going on a much deserved vacation :) We'll see how it goes, I'm looking forward to having her and I'm sure Paxton will enjoy her company...she might not enjoy him though :)

6. You know what comes along with having a 1 year old around? ....another person to take pictures of. She probably won't even mind!

7. Fall is here. I. Love. It!

8. Everyday I keep telling myself I need to get started on Christmas...maybe tomorrow!

9. I love the new show Trauma. It's on Monday nights, if you haven't watched it yet--DO! I'm sure you'll love it just as much!

10. Today I dropped Paxton off at the park to play with Miss Cindy and the boys. He really loves them. When we're heading to the car after I've picked Paxton up he'll say his goodbyes and tell me, "momma they are my best friends." How cute is that?

See there you have it...Ten on Tuesday. Maybe next week I'll get more creative, but for now this will work. And since most of you tune in to see pictures here's some more :)

Mason (one of miss Cindy's son) and Paxton


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