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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ten on Wednesday

1. I feel like I'm working as computer tech. these days. I've had so much computer trouble, it's crazy. I think the most frustrating part is that since my computer sort-of-crashed I wasn't able to uninstall Photoshop correctly, so now it's not wanting to let me run it because the user-key is still activated. Ugh, I've tried everything...I'm actually in the process of my last try now. Please let it work...

2. We got a new toilet this week...why you might ask. Most of you know that Enrique and I have the worst-weirdest-craziest-strange-LUCK ever. I swear we do, Enrique is really bad, but I have weird luck too. How it happened: Paxton went to the bathroom and held down the handle too long so the toilet wasn't re-filling with water so I started to take of the lid to the tank. Paxton started grabbing for it so I tried to move him and dropped the lid. It fell down onto the bottom part of the toilet landing on the part between the toilet-bowl and the tank and chipped off a big chunk of the toilet. Water started spraying EVERYWHERE, I reached down to turn the water off but turned it the wrong way first, finally I got it shut off. Then I had to clean up all the water...not a good start to the day.

3. Now we have an energy efficient toilet, the kind that barley uses any water. Most of the time I go back to the toilet to re flush it because it always sounds like it didn't flush completely the first time.

4. I picked Paxton up early yesterday from Miss Cindy's because he was crying complaining that his ear hurt. After I picked him up we took him to the Dr. just in case. Before we went in I asked him if he put anything in his ear and he told me, "yes mommy, I'm sorry I put a wrench in my ear." Sometimes he just says things like that though so I figured I should have the doctor take a look anyways. She tried, but he resisted (a little) so she just figured that since he's had a cold that he probably has an ear infection so she wrote him a prescription. I'm a little hesitant to continue giving him the medicine since he hasn't complained again about his ear hurting. We weren't able to see his regular pediatrician so I think I'll give him a call today.

5. So did the groundhog see his shadow or what? I never did hear, but I am most definitely ready for Spring.

6. It is so gloomy and dark today. Paxton actually asked where the sun was.

7. I have a new craft/project I really want to try. I'm thinking that maybe Friday I'll give it a go, if it turns out I'll post here.

8. Amy might be coming to stay in the Spring a while with her dad and I'm so excited! Paxton and Adde are so much a like. I love watching them play. This time though we'll pack a sippy-cup for Adde that is exactly the same as Paxton because for some reason every time they've played together they always fight over his cup because Adde wants it too. :) I think it's so cute!

9. You know that for about 6 months of this last year I thought I was 26. TeeHee. I couldn't remember if I was 25 or 26 so I asked Enrique and he told me I was 26 (along with a comment about how could I not know) so when ever people asked I told them I was 26...until someone corrected me. Sheesh. This year I will turn 26 though. Yesterday someone guessed that I was 22....that's pretty exciting!

10. Another note...I HATE Vista. I know that's a strong word, but I do. Enrique's computer has it and I really just can not get the hang of it. It has the strangest way of saving files. Maybe it's because I'm used to XP, but hopefully by the next time we buy a computer they'll have XP back.

and since no post is as exciting without any pictures here you go....

Paxton got a new toy, it's bigger than we thought it would be. It's in his room for now, but I think it will soon be moving somewhere else. Either to Grandmas :) or to storage. It's just too big.


Gimlin Family said...

Okay, the toilet story was hilarious! I could totally visualize you floundering about, trying to get the water shut off. At least it wasn't blue water, right? :) I don't know anyone who likes those energy efficient toilets all that much.

Lacie said...

Hahahaha!! I am cracking up at the toilet story, so funny! We had something similar happen...Brady was upstairs with the kids and Cody left the bathroom door open, Cole of course got in there...he loves the toilet! Well the bath tub is right there and he found a tub toy and put it in the toilet...meanwhile Emmie is encouraging all this, and flushes the toilet! Yup, couple mins later Cody runs downstairs and says there is water all over the bathroom. I go running up there, Brady is turning off the water, too late though-there was about a 1/2" water ALL through the bathroom (it is a double sink vanity, pretty big bathroom) Ya, LOTS of water! I think I did 2 loads of towels..It was a mess...I was groachy ;-)
We didnt have to get a new toilet though!

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