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Friday, February 12, 2010


1. I realized that I never made a TOT or TOW so now we'll have a TOF!

2. The girls came over this morning...they don't have school today and both Abe and Kelly are working so they came here. Pax loves when they come, although sometimes they probably don't think so. He doesn't like sharing me :)

3. Pax woke up almost as soon as they got here, when they came into his room he said, "my girls are here." I like how they are his, and they are the girls. He also refers to them as his cuzzies quite often. He's also figured out which one is which, and usually never mixes them up.

4. The older Paxton is getting, the more of the girls I see in him. He even has their pack-rat qualities. I remember when I used to pick up the girls, they usually had to have a bag full of various things...or they would always be packing something in a sack to play with. Pax is the same, we can't leave the house without a bag-full of something.

5. This week I did clinical observations at the clinic and the hospital. I'm really excited to start clinical rotation now. I was able to meet all the people I'll be working with at the hospital, which was nice. The first 6 months of rotations I'll spend at the hospital, and the last 4 months will be at Community Health. Working at the hospital will be way different than the clinic, but I'm glad I'll get to experience both. At the hospital most of the patients are in-patients so they'll need their x-rays taken either in their room, or we'll have to get them in a wheel-chair or bring them down in their beds. At the clinic the patients should all be fairly mobile so they'll be able to walk in and out of the room by themselves.

6. I really wish that miss Cindy lived a little closer. In order for me to be anywhere by 8 I need to leave the house no later than 7:15. It usually takes me 10-15 minutes to drive to their house and then another 10-15 minutes to get where ever it is I'm going. If traffic is bad, it can take me 20 minutes to get from one part of town to the next! Wenatchee is crazy-busy in the mornings!

7. The other night Paxton and I were talking, and I told him that he's Mexican. He said, "no I'm not Mexican, I'm Paxton." Then I tried explaining that being Mexican isn't a name it's what Paxton is, just like his daddy. So then later when I told him again he said, "no I'm not Mexican, Daddy is a Mexican." The way he said it was so funny. Junior and I laughed so hard, for a long time!

8. We just got back from the Wenatchee library. The girls and Pax had fun. It's actually a really nice Library. They have their own floor just for kids with lots of tables, building blocks, chalk tables, and a reading area where the kids sit on steps. We had a good time!

9. Paxton is teaching Isabelle how to vacuum. He's telling her, "like this, over here, oh here, right there, oops here's some." She'll be a pro by the time she leaves. :)

10. I've been showing Paxton pictures of family and friends lately and he loves it. He really loves seeing Addelynn's pictures, he gets so excited and says, "that's my friend Addelynn." He told me the other night she was his best friend. I told him that was good because her mom, Amy, is my best friend. Paxton looked at me very serious and said, "no she's not, I'm your best friend." I love him.


Amy said...

Totally cute....Like always! That's a funny story about telling Pax he's mexican....but I have to say that #10 is my favorite:) Love you guys and can't wait to see you!

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