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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I meant to mention that when I took Paxton to the doctor yesterday that he weighed in at 30lbs! At his 2 year checkup he weighed 26lbs, so in the last 10 months he's gained 4lbs....woo-hoo. Actually I don't think that is very much for his age.

His cousin Kendry is going in for his 9 month check up on Monday. I was curious what Paxton's weight and height were so I checked and at 9 months he weighed 17.4lbs and was 28.25" tall. That put him above the 50 percentile for height and below the 50 percentile for weight. My guess is that Kendry will probably beat those numbers by leaps and bounds! :)

I spoke with his doctor today about his ear and he recommended that I stop the antibiotics if Paxton is no longer complaining of pain.


Gimlin Family said...

Pax is just so active he quickly burns off the calories he takes in. :)

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