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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paxton sure is lucky...

...to have such great cousins.

Last night we went over to Abe and Kelly's for dinner. When we asked Paxton if he wanted to go he got so excited.  He loves HIS Addesen and Bell-Bells.  I love that they are all able to play together often, and that they actually get along.  I love that the girls love Pax as much as he loves them, I love how he can tell them apart, and that he knows which one is more likely to play with him.  These days it's Addesen, two months ago it was Isabelle.  Either way Paxton sure loves his cuzzies and so do I :)

Paxton and Addesen were playing with Paxton's new bug catching kit.  They caught WAY more bugs than I would like to see in one container.  Yes, that gun-looking-thing Addesen has in her hand is sucking them up.  Pretty cool, but also pretty gross!


The Gimlins said...

Yucky bugs! Thats little boys for ya. You can tell how much I'm looking forward to that stage. :)

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