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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Is it really Wednesday?  I'm not complaining.  Three more days of work and then it's the WEEKEND!  I'm really, REALLY, excited for the weekend.  I'm going to a photography workshop in Bellevue where I'll be working with a great photographer :)  We'll even have a couple there that we'll be taking pictures of so make sure to check back for those! 

I'm not sure though if I'm more excited for that or to take Paxton HERE.  He's going to LOOVVE it!  Don't worry I'm sure I'll have pictures of that too.

I had Monday off so Paxton and I hung out all day.  We never even left the house.  I wanted to but the little man just wanted to stay home.  I even tried bribing him, but no dice!  He's definitely a home-body!  But so is his momma :)  I don't think I even showered until 10 pm that night, but Paxton was nice and clean all day and lounged around in his awesome robe...check him out, it really is that cute! :)

I've decided that this child already knows he's half Mexican...all he wants is tacos, rice, and beans.  I don't blame him, but sheesh!  The other day he told me it was his birthday and since it was his birthday he wanted to go have rice and beans...although he told Grama it was his birthday too when she was cutting strawberries and angel food cake.  He even asked if her and Papa would sing happy birthday to him.  He's a little crazy, but he's my Crazy! :) 

Anywho, back to the tacos.  Enrique and I were having sandwichs for lunch, but Paxton wanted tacos so I made him cheese tortillas with turkey tacos.  He LOOVED them:)

Well HAPPY WEDNESDAY.  Hope you all have a TERRIFIC Memorial Weekend!



The Gimlins said...

Have fun in Seattle! The kids' science museum sounds incredible!

laciezegers said...

Hey Andrea! How are you and things going? The kids and I go to that museum all the time! Its pretty small and in a little "mall" there is also a Red Robin so you can grab some lunch too! If you are looking for a bigger and better museum over here my favorite is the Imagine childrens museum in Everett, which is about 25 mins from Bellevue, its great! I would love to meet up if you have the time and I would also love to get some pictures of the kids taken by you! Let me know what works for you. Hope all is well :) XOXO

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