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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Party Time!

Paxton had a great 3rd birthday!  It seems like we were just celebrating his 2nd birthday not too long ago.  Paxton is very much a little boy now, and I feel like I'm having to constantly remind myself that he is only 3, because most times he acts way older.

He is very outgoing and independent.  I think he is most definitely just like me...

His favorite things are:

His mommy and daddy :)
Playing cars
Reading books
Going to Pennsylvania park (yup, he requests it by name)
Chocolate milk with whip cream on the straw---with no onions.
Mack-ee-rone-iees, said exactly as you just read it.
Playing with other kids, almost any will do.
His cousins Isabelle and Addesen who he can now tell apart (started to about 6 months ago)
Green beans
Rice and Beans

plus much more...

Tomorrow I'm hoping to sit him down and ask him various questions about his life...I'll let you know what he thinks.



The Vasquez's said...

He still loves his green beans, he must of got the from Dru..but I remember that Dru wanted bacon in his green beans.

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