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Friday, January 1, 2010

Catch Up

Isabelle and Addesen came over to play sometime last week, Pax loves when they come! Isabelle came with a really pretty scarf...I was playing around with her and tied it around her head. See like this :) (see below)

She then told me that she looked like a fortune teller-smart! She did. She even had a really creative "fortune-tellerish" voice to go with it! She and Paxton then went into his room to play fortune tellers! The used Paxton's chairs and some play cards. They even used Paxton's tools on the hands! I thought it was so creative. I even heard Paxton tell Isabelle, "you will have a good day and be happy." I had mine read a few times too. They played for nearly two hours! It's amazing how well those two get along. Too bad Addesen wasn't feeling well, I'm sure she would have loved to play too.

Here they are hard at work.

Paxton got some new tools...he thinks he's pretty cool. So do I :)

Here is a little reminder of Christmas...It came and went TOO fast! I actually caught myself yesterday telling Enrique that we should go to the lighting festival in Leavenworth. Whoops! We are going to try and make it for a sleigh ride sometime! We're really wanting to start some new traditions, ones that Paxton will remember. I think the sleigh ride will be a great one!

Until my next post....
HAPPY 2010. May your year be filled with all your hearts desires.


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