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Thursday, January 7, 2010


...for me!!! A year ago TODAY I started this blog...hip-hip-hooray, I am so proud of myself. I'm almost doing a little dance-party in the living room by myself :) Speaking of dance parties, that's Paxton's new favorite thing. We get my iPhone and a little speaker we bought for Enrique for Christmas and we blast the jams. Usually Pax insists that Dance Parties take place in his room jumping on the bed, but whatever I'm down with that. We've even had a dance party at the store in the middle of the isle...to the stores music that is ;)

J&J- Pax has really been enjoying the "sunbrella" we got (stole) in the gift exchange.

We finally took out the scooter for a cruise
Cruisin' in the fast lane. 1/7/2010

The plan for 2010:
Learn more...lots more.
Take more photos of myself (maybe a selfie-project)
Be in more photos
Get more photos with Enrique in them
Find new subjects
Buy a new lens
Maybe purchase a new website (a real-professional-one)
....the list continues!


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