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Monday, January 25, 2010

not sure...

Paxton is a pretty smart little-dude. Anyone who knows him can verify this, actually most people that encounter Paxton can tell you this. He learns quickly, sometimes too quickly. He talks a lot, and knows too much :) I'm positive he's an old soul.

So when I started working with him on his colors I figured he'd learn them fairly quickly...but he didn't. I didn't push, I figured he would eventually get them, but he wasn't, or at least not really. I always felt like he was struggling, or just not wanting to pay attention. When he didn't catch on I kind of gave up and figured he would learn them when he was ready...still figure?

I did happen to mention to Miss Cindy (our AMAZING sitter) that he was having a hard time learning his colors. I told her that I'd been trying to work with him, but that I didn't think he was catching on. Maybe she'd have a different approach?

I also mentioned to her that I almost wondered if there was a possibility that he could be colorblind...I felt crazy saying it out loud, since mostly I had been thinking it to myself. She assured me that he was probably fine, and I believed her. After all, doesn't being colorblind run in your family? I put all of it on the "back burner" and figured he'd come around...he's too smart not to learn his colors, right?

Then today when I was picking Pax up Cindy brought it up. She mentioned that she'd been trying to work with him on his colors and that she hadn't had any luck either. Then she mentioned that she thought there was a possibility that he could be colorblind...my heart sunk. I had thought it, but didn't actually believe it--until now.

I've been reading about it and I believe that Paxton sees color, but has a hard time differentiating between them. I think that to him Yellows, Reds, and Oranges all look the same color and black, purples, and blues all look the same. Tonight we were going over them and it's almost as if he really has no idea what I'm talking about when I say the word color...like they are all the same. So how can that one be red, when it looks like the orange? I called his Pediatrician bud didn't hear back from him. My guess is his nurse will call tomorrow.

I did find a "test" online that I plan to use tomorrow for my own sanity. I want to know (need) to know.

All of this has made me feel so sad...what if my little boy never gets to see things for their true beauty, the way you and I see them. What if he struggles in school because the directions are written in black on a blue paper? Or worst of all...

6. The kindergarten teacher notices the kids during art class teasing Jimmy. The other kids think it is funny that Jimmy's stick people have green faces.

Color Normal Color Deficient

source: critiquewall.com by Paul Martin

these images made me cry...I couldn't imagine seeing the world this way.

Hopefully I'm just being a paranoid mom and Paxton is indeed being stubborn. I'll let you all know more, when I know more.


lacie said...

Andrea! Don't panic and get off google! Try taking some M&M's and Skittles(I think then you get all colors!), put one of each color in front of him, tell him to tell you each color, as he gets it right he can eat them. Keep us posted on his progress. I am sure he is just fine and will surprise you one of these days :)

Gimlin Family said...

I will be praying that he is perfectly fine, as I'm sure he is. Keep us posted.
Love, JJ&K

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