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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

little conversation...

Here's a little bit of a conversation that Paxton and I had yesterday on the way home from Miss Cindy's (the sitter.)

Me: How was your day today?

Pax: Good. How was yours.

Me: It was good, but I missed you.

Pax: I missed you too mommy, I cried for you.

Me: Oh, Pax you don't need to cry I will always be back for you.

Pax: Okay...I had so much fun playing.

Me: Good, I'm so glad.


Pax: Mommy...

Me: Yes Pax

Pax: I had a hard day today...

Me: You had a hard day, oh, why?

Pax: I had a hard day, Mason smashed my finger and Andrew pushed me off the stool and I have owie's....

WOW...what a hard day Paxton.

I thought it was too cute!


Gimlin Family said...

I see his Uncle Justin in his smile here. :)

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